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I'm Bill "Doc", and I'm an adventures "Funadict". While traveling the world I have been lucky enough to photograph many perfect moments , I crave anything that makes my heart beat faster.

 Traveling is in my blood and I always love exploring, from an early morning in Austin, TX. to visiting the sites across the pond.

I've always looked at things in my life like looking the a camera lens, it's weird but I have always seen most things as if I were clicking a button to capture that one brief moment.

Photos help tell a person's story and allows one to go back and reflect on these milestones years after the image was taken. My goal is to capture images that will help document a particular moment in someone's life. As a father of two beautiful kids and a proud Pop_Pop of two beautiful grandchildren, I understands the importance of celebrating the magic of childhood, special occasion, passionate desire to feel beautiful and knows first-hand how quickly these wonderful years fly by. To be able to preserve these moments for my clients is a tremendous privilege.

Thank You!

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